Our People


ASM’s Principals, Directors, Archaeologists, Architectural Historians, and other technical staff have decades of professional and educational experience in cultural and heritage resources management. Through their experience, our technical experts have obtained the knowledge necessary to successfully complete projects, maintain safe practices, comply with legal requirements, and keep projects on schedule.

Principals and Directors

Robert Rechtman, Ph.D.

Robert Rechtman, Ph.D.


David Mayes, M.S., M.B.A.

David Mayes, M.S., M.B.A.


Brian Williams, M.M.A. - Archaeologist

Brian Williams, M.M.A. - Archaeologist


Mark Becker, Ph.D. - Archaeologist

Mark Becker, Ph.D. - Archaeologist

RPA | Director, Carlsbad Office

David Whitley, Ph.D. - Archaeologist

David Whitley, Ph.D. - Archaeologist

RPA | Director, Tehachapi Office

Matt Clark, M.A. - Archaeologist

Matt Clark, M.A. - Archaeologist

Director, Hilo Office

Shelby Castells, M.A. - Archaeologist

Shelby Castells, M.A. - Archaeologist

RPA | Director, San Diego Office

Shannon Davis, M.A. - Architectural Historian / Historian

Shannon Davis, M.A. - Architectural Historian / Historian

RPH | Director, History Group

Dave Iversen, M.A. - Archaeologist

Dave Iversen, M.A. - Archaeologist

RPA | Director, Stanwood Office

Edward Stoner, M.A. - Archaeologist

Edward Stoner, M.A. - Archaeologist

RPA | Director, Reno Office

Nick Belluzo, M.A. - Archaeologist

Nick Belluzo, M.A. - Archaeologist

RPA | Director, Honolulu Office

Brennan Bajdek, M.A. - Archaeologist

Brennan Bajdek, M.A. - Archaeologist

RPA | Director, Eugene Office

John Taylor Montoya, Ph.D. Archaeologist

RPA | Director, Albuquerque Office


With experts in local archaeology and historic preservation, ASM staff have established long-term relationships with regional stakeholders including local preservation groups, tribal nations, and local, state and federal agencies.

Staff Qualifications

All of ASM’s Principals, Directors and Senior Technical Specialists hold advanced degrees and exceed the Secretary of the Interior’s (SOIs) Professional Qualifications Standards for their respective fields.

Safety & Training

As part of ASM’s business philosophy, we provide in-house and off-site training to all of our employees in order to stay up to date on case law, safety techniques, advanced technologies, and successful business practices.

Additional Staff

Our staffing capabilities include sufficient personnel to conduct multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining delivery of high-quality products. ASM provides technical expertise in all specialties and methodologies of archaeology, historic preservation, and GIS, and also regional expertise to ensure clients are provided a focused approach. Specialties include experts in the fields of geoarchaeology, remote sensing, GPR, 3d modeling, XRF analysis, and other technical areas, solidifying ASM as a premier CRM firm. Additionally, many of our staff members have cross-disciplinary training. This includes staff that have obtained HAZWOPER certifications, UXO Safety Training, and are CPR and First Aid certified. 

Senior Archaeologists

Sherri Andrews, M.A., J.D., RPA

Benjamin Barna, Ph.D.

Amy Jordan Ph.D., RPA

Zoē Rawski, Ph.D., RPA

James Daniels, M.A., RPA

Lokelani Brandt, M.A.

Peter Carey, M.A., RPA

Steve Harvey, M.A., RPA

Whitney Osiensky, M.A., RPA

Holly Drake, M.A., RPA

Kent Manchen, M.A., RPA

Jessica Droke, M.S., RPA

Jana Boersema, M.A.

Teresa Gotay, M.A.

Lauren Kepa’a, B.A.

Architectural Historians & Historians

Sarah Stringer-Bowsher, M.A., RPH

Marilyn Novell, M.S.

Laura Kung, M.A.

Laura Voisin George, M.A.

Madeline Gonzalez, M.A.

GIS Specialists

Montana Long, M.A., RPA

Nick Doose, M.A.

Manuel Lopez

Erica Esquer

Brandon Nehl

Administrative Staff

Suzanne Slade | Production Manager

Wendy Limsico | HR Manager

Brent Burmeister | Director, Marketing & Proposals

Staff Archaeologists

Michelle Dalope

Larry Tift

Robert Azpitarte

Daniel Calvani

Lucas Piek

Thomas Taylor

Amanda Jokela

Andrea Catacora

Kimberly Lauko

Johnny Dudoit

Robynn Namnama

Michelle Hamilton

Michael Buxton

Nicole Ishihara

Kat Burg

Ashley Ginther

William Bacon

Alexander Hutton

Candace Gonzales

Brianna Mendez

Evan Ryder

Amy Ketner

Mike Shong

Noelle Vazquez

Ross Way

Terrence Luevano

Tucker Austin


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