Historic Preservation & Architectural History

Our Services

ASM provides the full suite of historic preservation and architectural history services for compliance with federal, state, and local laws, statutes and regulations. These services assist agencies, developers, engineers, planners, property owners, and other professionals in complying with CEQA, DAHP, NEPA, NHPA (Section 106), HRS Chapter 6E, and other historic preservation requirements.

  • Historic Resource Evaluation Reports (HRERs)
  • Historic Resource Assessment Reports (HRARs)
  • Historic Structure Reports (HSRs)
  • Historic American Building Surveys (HABSs)
  • Historic American Engineering Records (HAERs)
  • Historic Property Survey Reports (HPSRs)
  • Determinations of Eligibility (DOEs)
  • Environmental Document Contributions
  • Indirect & Direct Impact Assessments
  • Historic Context Statements
  • Third-Party Reviews
  • Preservation & Interpretive Plans
  • General Plan Updates
  • Historic Preservation Office Consultation
  • Public Outreach & Meetings


  • Archival Research
  • Records & Title Searches
  • Field Surveys & Inventories
  • Built Environment Assessments
  • Eligibility Evaluations
  • Engineering Plan Reviews
  • Resource Management Plans
  • Mills Act Tax Credit

Architectural Experts

With experts in Spanish Colonial, Modern, Ranch, and Minimal Traditional architectural styles, ASM’s staff provides experts in the specific types of architecture found throughout the western and Pacific U.S.

Local Expertise

Key to successful historic preservation studies is local expertise and stakeholder relationships. ASM’s staff provides experts in local histories and built environment resources allowing for rapid project completion.

SOI-qualified Staff

Unique to ASM is that a number of our Historic Preservation staff are dually qualified under the Secretary of the Interior’s (SOIs) Professional Qualification Standards for Architectural History and History.

Highlighted Projects

Trusted by clients and agencies, ASM has completed projects covering the full scope of historic preservation and architectural history work. As on-call historic consultants for a number of local agencies, we can provide developers and property owners the historic documentation required for rehabiliation, restoration, and demolition projects.

Los Angeles Unified School District On-Call Contract

Los Angeles, CA

Ontario Airport HCS and Intensive Survey

Ontario, CA

Caltrans District 11 On-Call Contract

San Diego and Imperial counties, CA

West Hollywood On-Call Consultant

 West Hollywood, CA

Puget Sound Cultural Assessments

Western WA


City of Beverly Hills HRER

  Beverly Hills, CA

FEMA HMTAP Section 106 Contract

  Western U.S.

Henderson Historic Preservation Plan

  Henderson, NV


Alpine Village HRAR

Alpine, CA

Rolls Royce Cultural Resources Technical Report

  Oakland, CA

SDG&E Public Interpretation Panel

San Diego, CA

City of Los Angeles HRAR

  Los Angeles, CA


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