Other Services

Other Services

In addition to our core services, ASM provides additional value-added specialized services to provide our clients the most relevant and effective deliverables, tailored to their specific needs. In addition, we have established relationships with other consultants providing support services including biology, paleontology, Native American monitoring, Native Hawaiian monitoring, and historic architecture. With multiple in-house laboratories and the most advanced industry equipment, we are a one-stop-shop.

  • Remote Sensing
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • XRF (X-Ray Fluoresence)
  • Magnetic and Gravity Surveys
  • Cataloguing and Curation
  • Radiocarbon Dating
  • Pollen Analysis
  • Obsidian Sourcing Analysis
  • Protein Reside Analysis
  • Flotation Analysis
  • Faunal Analysis
  • Lithic Analysis


With over 40 years of experience, ASM has established teaming relationships with biologists, paleontologists, Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, architects, HABS photographers, and other environmental industry professionals for use by clients.


ASM has multiple laboratories between our offices, capable of accommodating several sizable collections concurrently. Facilities include wash stations, cataloging areas, and storage space. The labs are equipped with sorting tables, digital and mechanical scales, a variety of calipers and digital measuring devices, and computers for catalog encoding.

Gear & Technology

ASM’s offices are equipped with regularly maintained 4-wheel drive vehicles, safety gear, and up-to-date technology including  sub-meter GPS equipment, shovels, trowels, 1/4-in. and 1/8-in. wire mesh screens, tape measures, Munsell soil charts, and containers for artifact and ecofact collection.

Highlighted Services

ASM provides the cultural and heritage resources management industry the full-suite of technical services. Offering expertise in identifying and accessing information, filling existing data gaps, resolving information deficiencies, and providing relevant analysis of present-day inquiries, we can focus on assessing our clients’ needs and preparing the appropriate deliverables.

Rock Art Analysis

Advanced image analysis and processing

Ground Penetrating Radar

Non-destructive subsurface investigations

Public Interpretation

Design and construction of signage for public interpretation

Underwater Archaeology

Maritime archaeologists and certified divers

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)

Elemental composition of materials determination

Artifact Analysis

Laboratory analysis of artifacts and related materials

Worker Environmental Awareness Training

Cultural awareness training for construction projects

Curation and Storage

Large-scale laboratories with curation and storage space


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